G'Day Salam Namaste Sasriyakal

Welcome to the premier ethnic grocery retailer and wholesaler on the Sunshine Coast operating since 2008. We pride ourselves in supplying finest spices and grocery items from India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, and Middle east. None of our packed spices are processed or have been mixed with any E numbers or preservatives.

Whether you are looking for freshly ground spices, pickles, long grain quality Basmati rice varieties, flours, grains/lentils, frozen delights, cooper dinnerware, herbal and aromatic beauty supplies, and hand rolled incense sticks, we have got them all.

What makes us unique and had made us popular is; we aren't there to sell only however, our prime target is to explain you the traditional culinary methods and techniques, and make sure you know what to do with the stuff you're buying (if you are new to cooking). All our lovely staff are either professional chefs or great at cooking and know very well what they are talking about.

So pop in to enjoy the aroma and get amazed with heaps of different stuff for your next pantry stock up and handy cooking tips.

About Us

  Mirch Masala Grocer is a ethnic supermarket on the Sunshine Coast. Six years before when a student moved to the sunshine coast, he searched everywhere on the coast for a place where he could buy all the authentic and right ingredients to make his favorite mouth-watering curries, but Alas he could not find any spice shop around. He had to go all the way to Brisbane to get his spicy stuff and after one year of hassle he realized I am over it now, I could not drive that long anymore just to get my groceries unlike many other curry lovers use to do. 

While studying at sunshine coast university, he realized the need of a spice store on the coast. Then he decided to take the lead of  opening a spice heaven on the sunny coast where every local can get authentic spices and groceries to match their hot lifestyle with their hot and spicy food. Finally, with the honor of being Prime Indian, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, Middle-Eastern  spice specialist on the coast 'Mirch Masala Grocer' opened on 1st July 2008 on Sixth Ave Maroochydore. As the matter of fact the 'Spice Man' got tremendous support from the community and local businesses for his hot idea and effort. Moreover, the quality of spices and groceries and sub-continental cooking advice made the 'Spice Man' so popular that he end up moving to the bigger location in the heart of Maroochydore on 35 Duporth Ave with a huge range of spices and groceries which saved a hassle to loads of curry lovers.

We are great-full of all the on going support by both locals and businesses; and we look forward to see you all at Your Hot Shopping Spot.

 Waqas Tarar

Spice Man